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Find Your New Self

Find Your New Self.

Transform your life and restore your health with proven weight loss surgery and medical weight loss solutions.

If you’re tired of struggling with your weight and related medical problems, contact us about a possible weight loss surgery.

We offer weight-loss surgery including low BMI lap band, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch. We also offer intragastric balloon therapy.

We’ll tailor a solution to help you reach a healthier weight. Giving you the opportunity to live a longer, healthier and more active life through our bariatric surgical techniques.

All bariatric programs are not created equal. Let our experienced multi-disciplinary team provide the care and support you need to succeed.

Bridgett's Success Story

I have lost nearly 130 pounds, it’s 125. Pretty much my entire adult life I have been very obese. I guess it started around my teenage time. I started to pick up weight drastically and it just kept going and going and going until I realized there was something that needed to be done.Nothing worked long term. I was able to lose weight on Nutrisystem. I gained it back as soon as I came off of those prepackaged meals. Weight Watchers, the same kind of story. I would gain the weight back as soon as I attempted to just go back to normal eating. Then I had surgery and I am able to tell Bridgett’s Weight Loss Success Story. (more…)