It’s completely different. Before even doing the simplest things like just walking from here to there was so difficult and exhausting and now I have so much energy and I have a smile on my face and I know I look good and it’s just wonderful. My life is changed completely. This is all part of “Delinda’s Bariatric Surgery Success Story” — and it goes on — I was getting near 300 pounds and I was closing in on it and I just said to myself, “You know what, this is enough. Enough.” I researched different ways to lose weight and I knew that my insurance paid for it so I did all the research and got it done. It becomes a lifestyle.

This is a choice I made and I knew that the surgery was risky and it was scary. I knew that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it all the way and this was my chance, my last chance to get it right. I decided, no more. I’ve had enough cupcakes. I’ve had enough soda to last a lifetime. I decided to make a complete change and to let the weight loss inspire me and it did. I still am inspired to do the right thing.

Des Peres Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Sometimes you forget that you lose all the weight because you’re still the same person inside. When people haven’t seen you for a while, the reaction is just like golden. You’re just like, “Oh, you’ve lost so much weight!” It’s like, “Yeah, I have.” Then I have to explain. I love to talk about it and I’m not shy and I’m not ashamed. I just let people know. It’s just great, the reaction I get constantly to this day is wonderful and is a motivation all by itself. I started at my highest weight at 282 pounds and today I weighed approximately 132 pounds.

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Delinda's Bariatric Surgery Success Story

The first 100 pounds came off in the first year and then after that I just gradually lost the extra 50 pounds through actually just being more energetic and having more energy and the more I lost, the more energetic I got and it just keeps slipping away. Be committed 100% to the whole process and take it as the chance of a lifetime because that’s what it is.

Delinda from St. Louis, MO, talks about her personal experience losing 150 lbs with bariatric (weight loss) surgery. You can find out more about weight loss surgery by attending a Seminar, which you can get more information here:

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