You will face many changes following your bariatric procedure, so we suggest that you begin preparing for those changes before surgery. Here is a list of lifestyle and diet modifications you can put into place now to help you prepare for life after surgery.

Prepare For Life After Surgery – The 3 P’s

1. Stop drinking 30 minutes before eating and wait 30 minutes after eating to begin drinking again. No fluids should be taken with meals.
2. Take 15-20 minutes to eat your meal and chew your food to a toothpaste consistency.
3. Always have a water bottle with you and practice sipping. Try to consume 4-6 ounces of fluids over the course of every hour.

1. Begin eliminating high fat and sugar foods from your diet.
2. Begin minimizing caffeine from your diet.
3. Begin eliminating alcohol and carbonated beverages from your diet.
4. Educate your friends and family about your new dietary requirements and lifestyle changes.
5. Begin a walking exercise regimen. This will help you recover more quickly from surgery and can even reduce the risk of developing post surgical complications.
6. Take your “before” pictures, weight, and measurements.
7. Make a list of specific goals you want to achieve after your weight loss success.

1. Strainer/Colander
2. Hand held drink blender
3. Measuring cups
4. Baby forks and spoons
5. Blender or food processor
6. Water bottle
7. Travel mug or cup with lid

If you can combine the 3 p’s discussed here then you will be well on your way to being able to prepare for life after surgery. The thought that life after surgery will be bad or will somehow change you is one that you should not seriously consider. Life after surgery will be an adjustment, but it’s an adjustment that you can easily make and one that the 3 p’s can help you with. Of course we call the three p’s practice, prepare and purchase. Follow the steps and you will be better in the future after your surgery.