Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a term that describes how to successfully modify behaviors for long-term success. Patients need to be aware of the need to work on these behaviors for the rest of their life. Environments have to be set up to support success rather than make it challenging. As time goes by and lives change, the focus on self and weight loss can deteriorate. Having a plan to stay on task and making modifications to one’s environment are ways to limit triggers long-term.

Principles of relapse prevention are:

  • Stay aware of your behaviors to help with your relapse prevention.
  • Be aware of your thoughts.
    • Be aware of your patterns. All 3 of these have elements that have led to your current diet or exercise issues.
  • Make a plan to deal with high-risk situations when they occur after surgery.
  • Do not assume you can make a different decision once you are in the situation.
  • Learn how to fail without completely derailing your weight loss efforts.
  • Everyone fails at times and you will be no exception. It is what you do with that failure that makes you ultimately successful or puts you back into a negative eating pattern.
  • Avoid negative self-talk.
    • Focusing on the moment.
    • Making an immediate plan to get back on course are the important characteristics of those with long-term success at managing their dietary and exercise habits.
  • Work your plan daily.

No matter the amount of weight loss or how many changes you are able to successfully make, never forget your roots. If you decided that you can skip your plan for one day, then the next week you might think you can skip it for 2 days. This is how you fall back into the wrong way of living and when your relapse prevention will not be able to help you. Please contact MyNewSelf Bariatrics for help at any stage in your weight loss journey, especially if you haven’t started yet.